April 19, 2019

What Modi Wants

Crores of voters have voted for a persona called Modi and after nearly 4 years in power, many people are beginning to doubt their decision. The diversity among those who have voted for Modi makes it impossible to satisfy all the people all the time and hence the negation of this used by Modi which is make to make most of the people unhappy most of the time. But to the utter dismay of the anti-Modi people and the Modi supporters, this logic seems to be working in favour of Modi. This phenomenon is beyond the logical grasp of many of the intellectuals who deliver their gyan on every single issue.

The liberal argue that Modi is not voted by a large number of people. This means Modi has got the support of only a small number of people which in reality is part of the democratic system that exists in India. Modi has ensured this large number of non supporters is made unhappy by his demonetization exercise. Also the various economic laws being implemented to screw the money bags and illegal wealth accumulators will make most of the anti-Modi groups unhappy. In our nation where people feel happy being backward, it is no wonder that one group of people would be happy if their rival groups are troubled and Modi has used this principle to the best of his capability. This principle is called Indian Colonial Democracy Principle. (ICDP)

The Modi supporters virtually got nothing for themselves for supporting Modi except for more speeches and more harassment from the government. Not one law is specially made to ease the regulations of common man in the fields of religion. Tinkering laws to bring equality to Indian citizens will create huge noises among the global audience which in turn might lead to unwanted pressures on the government to create a special favored groups. The global audience wants fissures in our nation because of their failures for hundreds of years Modi has used ICDP to make his non-supporters unhappy which in reality has made his supporters a bit happy even though in reality his supporters did not gain anything in the real sense.

Many of the voters Modi assumed the persona as the personality and have believed his grand statements during the various election rallies. For all his grand standing of being a strong man, Modi has done little from his government side to teach Pak a lesson at the time and place of choosing. Are we not missing the surgical strike? This strike is a result of the government decision but with the strength and disposal at Modi a lot more could have been achieved. His team has miraculously delivered on the internal security front with no terrorist attacks within the borders except for the dubious train accidents. The ICDP principle works here too because the government has done its job and non-Modi supporters are in trouble and this makes the Modi supporters happy. Only in this case the Modi supporters got something in the real sense.

If Modi is really working to set the ground for a civilisational transformation, then his efforts seem to be paying off. Modi as a personnel has raised from the lowest rung with his own efforts and worked in a system to deliver results without altering the system in a insane fashion. His rivals have massively altered the system to suit their personal agenda but delivered nothing to the civilization.

Modi too might want individuals to rise to the occasion on their own efforts in spite of the government putting obstacles in their path. The intense scrutiny and the struggle are needed to turn the direction of the nations and the fake leaders that emerge from time to time in various areas of public life are like bubbles in an ocean. For a real leader he has to go through the grind and then take up the role and be steadfast in his responsibilities in spite of the various voices that are raised. If we see the selection of the various leaders of the state, we are sure to see several bubbles already which will burst exposing the quality of leadership the people are choosing and abusing over a variety of issues.

Modi might not do much to any group but people have to own up the nation and fight the system to get the things their way. This is thought process of Modi and if it works, then the individuals who rise to the occasion shall remain true to their ideology and will be good for Bharat or else the fake leaders will continue the destruction of our civilization. It is the people whom Modi wants to Change but people seem to be too reluctant but change is happening gradually but happening at several layers at the same time and in my view this change is What Modi Wants.

Picture Credit: Rishabh’s Lens


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