March 19, 2019

What the Fateh ?

Just the way some practice ‘Good Terrorism and Bad Terrorism’ , there are some who believe in ‘Good Intolerance and Bad Intolerance’.

Be it Good or Bad, Terrorism is a despicable act that kills and maims people. Similarly, ‘Religious Intolerance’ is an equally deplorable act that divides society , pits one community against another and spreads hatred .

Just like it’s an exercise in futility to discuss with Pakistan the repercussions of terrorism, it’s nugatory to debate with some on the issue of INTOLERANCE.

But, we are compelled to debate it because it invariably impinges on our everyday life , not just that , the liberals and secularists have managed to hijack the true meaning of INTOLERANCE, and mind you, their brand of INTOLERANCE isn’t a nuanced version but an altogether different version that unfortunately hasn’t factored-in the integrity of the Nation, it has only one objective – VOTES through minority appeasement.

Tarek Fateh, poor guy was roughed up by goons at a literary festival in Delhi. He is a Muslim with anti-Muslim sentiments and is quite vocal in his criticism of the Mullah’s and zealots.

Fateh’s are there in every religion, violence isn’t new.  But what’s striking is the fact that the guardians of the SECULARISM (with a Liberal bend of mind) are no where to be seen nor heard? No rushing to the Media to vent their ire. No flooding of messages on social media criticising INTOLERANCE. No awards returned so far. And ,nobody has any intention of leaving the nation in disgust.

“Tarek Fateh was targeted by ‘intolerant’ people of the GOOD kind.”

This reeks of double standards practised by people for whom Double speak is a way of life..


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