April 20, 2019

What to Expect at 7:30 PM December 31, 2017

Hum jahan khade hotey hain, line wahin se shuru hoti hai.

When PM Modi speaks the world listens. 7:30 PM yesterday was a new prime time for the News IMG_20170101_073231_528Channels. The nation was on edge to hear several announcements. For the ones who understand the logic and need all the announcements were superb and need of the hour.

For the ones who feel Rahul Gandhi or a Netaji / Behanji / Didi would be future PM this was waste of time.

Well done Modiji. This just shows the concern of the government. These are micro level things that only a person of his temperament would understand. ROTI KAPDAA MAKAAN and Gareebe Hatao wala party will not think beyond Escape Velocity.


Over the years when we have learned that there are two types of tourism. One the genuine one andIMG_20170101_073407_482 other is Tragedy Tourism. Prince left for new year vacation not bothering to spend time with theGareeb in Bharat. But he should be thankful to Modiji that from withdrawing INR 4000/- with the help of ATM attendant he is now switched over of CashLess transaction. Without doubt he would have booked his travel plan with Card Payment or someone who accidentally met in London last year or some left over change in the cupboard. Whatever, why waste time. He is Youth Leader of Congress and deserves respect for the hard work he is doing right from 2014 for the BHAKTS and MODI.

I am damn happy that our follow up and experience shared with Modiji has shown results. A detailed article was written on the issue and PM talking about the issue comes as a reward to the entire NV Media Team. Sharing link and screen shot of the same.

CGTMSE – Bankers taking Entrepreneurs for a Ride, Minister not Responding. PM please Note


One year down the line if at all this becomes a annual ritual I IMG_20170101_073519_978would expect MODIJI to announce success stories of Credit Guarantee Fund. The bankers are either not aware or are difficult to deal with. Worst is the Ministers also don’t bother to revert on the issues. Why can’t all occupying high posts in the government respond to grievance like Smt. Sushma Swaraj. She is the only one who accepts mistakes and responds even while in hospital. Hats Off to her. Shri. Suresh Prabhu is equally attentive but the moment you put some serious issue it is never answered.


There are many such evidence and the writer is willing to prove it to anyone in the government how the bank managers behave and how the purpose of the initiative is defeated. I met several bankers but in vain last year. Then I approached a sitting MLA of BJP in Mumbai and narrated the experience. I was surprised to hear what he said. 

One he was not aware of such a scheme. Second he said Sir aisa scheme agar hota to sarkar barbaad ho jaayegi. When I showed him the website on my phone he accepted the reality and then he said aap Kirit Somaiyaji ko approach karo. 

My only request is that the PM should literally take a written test of MP and MLA on prevailing schemes to check if they are well versed. Bankers too should be taken to task. One senior banker told me that most of the disbursement turn into NPAs, hence we don’t approve such loans unless there is a phone call or recommendation from someone very senior in government. One major reason for long queue after Demonetisation is corrupt bankers and for Credit Guarantee Fund scheme to succeed PMs personal involvement like Jan Dhan would be required.

I expect the government to act tough with people who think they can use their caste to keep law knocking at their door till eternity without getting arrested.


IMG_20170101_073346_580The government has so far done extremely well to cancel licenses of thousands of NGOs and Trust who are either anti India or not filing IT returns on their donations. Another important step would be to fix accountability on the Media through an Ombudsman. Hindu bashing is favorite job of the studios back office. Editors Guild has their own secular agenda. And Arm Chair Activists along with Award Wapsi Brigade will never act. Latest proof is West Bengal Hindus atrocities.

Self regulation will never work. If globally known selflessly working person like Sri Sri is not spared  by media, we can’t expect these people to ring temple bells for us. Least and max they would do is ask since you were already at Shri Viswanath Temple, might as well visit Gyan Wapi Mosque. They are leading only in one direction. Latest case in point is Moral Compass. He has the audacity to say there is nothing wrong in West Bengal. Before matter goes out of hand, let there be a Ombudsman or something that would work as deterrent for News Traders.

Look forward to many more innovative schemes as always for the person in need.


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