April 24, 2019

When Concern is tagged as Outrage

While the news traders would be laughing their way out on the constructive fight that broke out on social media after news of Political Parties getting exemption on depositing cash post November 8, 2016, some facts needs to be presented and a pre alert to the NaMo government is desirable.

It all started with announcement of  Demonetisation. Everyone came in support of Modiji and yes that too it was unconditional. All were ready for the biggest clean up post independence because they knew that all corrupt would be taken to task and their ill gotten money will go down the drain.

When Modiji spoke in Goa he said there are lots of schemes in his mind we knew the war on Black Money will lead to logical end.

Entire winter season of Parliament is washed away in chaos. Then Rahul bhaai met PM. He and entire congress and opposition should be thankful to the courtesy extended to them. Refer the picture for the reason.


When Rahul came out of the meeting he was talking about loan waiver for the farmers. Are we so naive to take this explanation.

Then came Reuters news of exemption to political parties. Whether it is twisted, not twisted, misleading, etc. The issue is what is BJP doing? Are they new to all this. Even during the campaign of 2014 Modiji was quick to react.


After all wrong publicity cames the explanation from the finance minister 21:39  http://pib.nic.in/newsite/erelease.aspx?relid=155611

In the interim there were explanation and knowledge shared by RW


No matter what is said and done. The reality is close to 75% of the political funding is below INR 20,000/- So where do we go from here?

An article from First Post titled Demonetisation: India can’t win its black money war by going soft on political parties explains the concern in the best possible way.

Between Dec. 16 and Dec. 17, 2016 a lot of water has flowed.

IMG_20161217_141617_947 IMG_20161217_141634_480 IMG_20161217_142220_537 IMG_20161217_142307_573 it_1

The point is how is easy or difficult for the present government to go after the known political parties? AAP Congress and NCP. Is there any statement made by government that we have not seen or missed out.

Screenshot_2016-11-21-16-04-02 IMG_20161209_081526_425

How on earth we justify war on Black Money when high and mighty in political parties are not touched? The present government and RW logic that nothing was done in last decades so why push the limits. And then we have an IT act that can’t be changed overnight. Agreed. The present government should at least make the right move to eliminate all loose ends. Early this year FCRA Act 2010 is amended to further suit political parties needs.

Will Demonetisation help? No. It has touched just tip of the iceberg. Unless PM doesn’t go after political parties and push for refoms / amendment in IT act with regard to politcal parties, it is waste of golden opportunity.

Why do we say so? The answer is we have not elected a ROBOT we have elected a PM. We did not force 60 months, we did not force 50 days. It was announced by PM. We are not holding him responsible for wrong decisions. We want the concerns to be addressed without leaving any loop holes. That’s about it. Any vacuum left towards the fag end of the 50 days will be used by opposition and news traders to furtheir their agenga against PM and BJP.

Continuing with the expectation and concern at times we are compelled to think that we are living in ROBOT era. Refer this. The balancing act has to stop. It will not lead the PM anywhere. If he can’t be arrested then …………


There are citizens arrested for sending threat mails, etc. Probably they did not have any political contact. Ones with political backing are free to misuse FOE. Why is this charlie still not arrested.


The fight against Black Money will never be won if political parties are allowed to take even a single rupee in cash. Hiding behind the IT act is not wise. The blame would be straight. Non stop raids are good but will be futile if the genesis of Black Money is not attended.

Credit: Thanks to tweeples for the screenshots and First Post for the link and Livemint for Featured Image


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