May 24, 2019

When Horizontal became a new Vertical for Times Now……

This was origionally posted by me on 13 June 2012. Nothing has changed from then to now. What you watch in piecemeal seems plausible  but when you view all this at one go you realize what is dished out is not “NEWS”

Kangaroo Court is a term we have heard many a times before, lately it is being used with greater frequency. Doubt if we have ever seen one function anywhere other than our Television sets. Outstanding performer of this is Justice Doornob Gussami of TimesNow @TheNewshour Monday through Friday 9PM.  Let’s move on and see for ourselves what this is all about.


About two years back one evening before getting up from the computer I tweeted “All Rise Court of Arnab Goswami is in session now.” Little realizing, this would become a standard call sign and lead us to this article.

Many friends by now were claiming that Times Now was not being honest in broadcasting news and I would tell them “no he is trying to balance the debate and the show.” Resisted this till, I could put forth no more convincing arguments. Finally had to agree with them and give up watching Times Now, after I was convinced that it no longer presented the news in an unbiased manner. Watching news used to be a serious but sober and sedate affair, today what is presented as debate to us makes even the fish market seem like a morgue.
Yes I have returned to listening to Times Now, this is with an intention of challenging and exposing this channel and Mr. Arnab Goswami for their hypocrisy and falsehood of being unbiased.

This is not a baseless claim, nor a fashion statement of media bashing. I am going to place before all of you videos from Times Now on various issues and will leave it to you to judge for yourself, if what is stated by me is indeed correct? Surely many of you must have heard, “Nation wants to know?”,  “Nation is asking.”, “Don’t politicize the issue.”, “India First.”, “Your Channel”, “Exclusive and Times Now is the 1st Channel to access this.” These clichés have left many wondering what exactly do they mean and what should a political party do? Further how should we as viewers react when we are convinced its deceit of the highest order being practiced by the anchor and channel?

 Arnab at every opportunity has tried to use 6 years of NDA government as a detergent for washing the sins of Congress. If it was 2G then it was B.S. Yeddurappa, if it was CWG then also it was Yeddurappa, if it was Adarsh then also the same antidote. There are endless examples which can be placed before the readers of this article to help them reach their decision.
Please do watch these videos with care CWG is all about Kalmadi, Kalmadi & Kalmadi. He was only one part of the story and not the complete story.
CWG also reported colossal corruption in building and upgrading stadia which were under various other individual. Shunglu report, Lokayukt report and CAG indicted Chief Minister of Delhi. Do watch how Times now handled this.

Now please watch how Times Now treats a Lokayukt report on mining involving B.S Yeddurappa

2G scam.

 Goa mining scam.

Other means employed are not permitting BJP spokesperson to complete their point. Speak along while BJP spokespersons are making their statement. Start all so called debate by questioning BJP as if it was the party whose government was in office. Demanding BJP to support Congress government as a national duty but not question the Congress government for their failings.

Arnab Goswami has even tried to reinvent civic by declaring opposition parties to be second class citizens of India. Mandate to govern is with the party in majority in Lok Sabha, mandate of the party in opposition is to ensure that Government is alert and awake or the rug be pulled from under its feet. Arnab Goswami believes this is unfair as opposition is slave to the party in majority.

This channel and its horde of breathless reporters will relentlessly pursue the top rung personnel of all political parties except Congress; one can actually hear their knees knock when name of Sonia Gandhi is mentioned. Has this person or the channel ever conducted a free wheeling interview with this individual who is president of Congress for over a decade and a half? The answer is NO.
Here is further evidence of what has been stated in this article.

Home Minister has his petition in election case dismissed by the High Court 29 charges in all have been leveled against the Home Minister 2 were dismissed 27 upheld. Timesnow only focus is on the 2 dismissed and not 27 that were upheld. Also questions BJP on their track record. Was it needed?
Debate: Chidambaram case continues –

 We all remember the noise and hype that was created by Times Now when this murder was reported. With out waiting for investigations serious charges were leveled against state government. Watch the videos.
An alleged member of the sand mafia crushed a police constable to death under a dumper loaded with sand at a “nakka” near the Palla police post in the wee hours today. This happened in Haryana on 11th June { Link } – Cop crushed under sand Mafia dumper in faridabad Did we hear any noise from Timesnow on this?

The screen shots speak for themselves.




Before I conclude this post please do watch these videos of the so called debate on The News Hour to all the aspiring and existing newscaster, if you are convinced that this is how news should be broadcast and is in the best interest of the consumer then do emulate the channel and the man. Let me assure you just as we can predict the topic and line of thinking for the two of them. Same fate awaits those of you who do follow in his foot step.


Debate: Clear Modi Rahul fight now? – 1

Debate: Clear Modi Rahul fight now? – 2

Debate: Clear Modi Rahul Fight now?-3

Debate: Clear Modi-Rahul fight now? – 4

This is not all that this channel does it also puts out distorted news.


The National Investigating Agency (NIA) brought up the remark in apex court and Supreme Court judges called the statement ‘unnecessary’.The apex court said such remarks should not be made as they are derogatory.

Hope you enjoyed reading and watching this


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