April 24, 2019

Where is Jugaad despite best of IT brains – Individuals and BJP IT Cell?

Many an article and op-ed often begin with a caveat, let me begin by a confession. I am an ardent supporter and fan of Prime Minister Modi, this phenomenon is not new, it all began way back in 2004 while I was living away from India, I have been  very vocal on Social Media, this earned me an illegal ban from Congress lead UPA government.  Fortunately twitter did not oblige UPA govt

I have no photograph with Prime Minister Modi to display as my DP, as a badge of honour. Yes I belong to that so called club of #super150, I was invited to Delhi for the launch of DigitalIndia on 1st July 2015, Previously also I was invited to Gandhi Nagar to Meet CM Modi, unfortunately on both occasions I was unable to undertake the required journey.

In 2015 a unique and rare event happened, in a country of 1.26billion it’s not often that an ordinary citizen receives a get well message from  Prime Minister of the country, on a Social Media platform on open timeline.This is precious but not something that is to be flaunted as symbol of class apart citizen.


India has phenomenal talent. And the it is high time the supporters and specially IT professionals, ones who are good in economics and in particular the BJP IT cell need to get their act together. No need to go back to Rig Veda for various remedies given in it. No need to talk about Nalanda and Dr. Homi Bhabha and no need to talk about drainage of talent overseas. Life under Shri Modi is unique. I being a staunch supporter have written in most explicit terms whenever I felt the need to do so. Modi never takes revenge. I have no fear. I am free to speak write and share what I want under Modi. Having said that Demonetisation is an excellent move. Nation, specially the lower income group and middle income group is in for it despite little issues. Amount of jokes and content that have gone viral on WhatsApp is phenomenal. Most are jokes. Followed by anti Modi gyaan initially but now it seems people are gradually learning the reality.

Yes there are problems but despite that people are willing to cooperate. What hurts me the most is lack of proactive initiative from the IT professionals and BJP IT cell. Together whatever we have done Pan India to ensure that Modi becomes PM was a different phase. Now is the time to fight out greedy politicians only. Hard work of years to create those Black Money assets is gone with the wind.

Apart from showing the greedy and good for nothing corrupt politicians, their real worth who are worst than a daily labor who earns his living respectfully I expected the IT professionals, BJP IT Cell and My Gov. team to put their skill to good use. What has BJP IT Cell and My Gov team done so far?

Give infographic of work done by  Modiji. He is too smart. He can survive and deliver without anybody help. He uses night time to travel while on overseas tour and back in office in morning to attend important meetings. Sharing his schedule will not help. Please strengthen him with innovative ideas. He is open for them and encourages them without bias.

MobiWik, Paytm, etc are already there. Why not make educative short video on their usage and card swipe machine. Why not make some more simple Apps for the rural masses.

         When I saw this image on  twitter it brought a smile to my face.debit

This image is reassuring for most of us that Digital India will become a reality.paan

            This reinforces the spirit of Indian Jugaad is very much alive & kicking.flower

This is distressing , why this exclusion?


In my brief stint on social media I have assisted all who had innovative ideas. Be it with the ones who wanted to launch a book to expose media or the ones who wanted to do something for the society. Net net one thing I have realized people move on in life once they get their desired media space and photo ops with high and mighty. Some are happy with selfies and clicking pics with politicians.

Coming to BJP IT Cell and IT big wigs who keep throwing their weight around, this is your time to be innovative. Paid Media is hell bent on showing Modi in bad light by asking stupid questions to citizens in line. What are you doing. Why can’t so called celebrity Twitter handles from RSS background come forward and show their real worth.

Piggy ride on MODI is fine for people who wants to keep their one minute shaking hand with MODI as their DP on fb, twitter and even on WhasApp. Now is the time to change gear. Let us innovate.

Give him a break. He has to be in supervisory position to do constructive things. If he has to do fire fighting of opposition and Paid Media then what are we doing?

Come out with innovative ideas. Do backward integration. I don’t have to teach you productivity chart, service level agreement, error log. Everyone wants two minutes of their fame by posting some relevant archieve screen shot. Fight has just begun.

Where is the creativity?

Why can’t RSS that is always on standby to attend any force majore used for reducing pressure on the citizens? Someone has to apply their brains even now and take their help. Why use the wonderful network of RSS only to attend flood, accidents, etc. They are qualified and work selflessly. They would be more than happy to assist citizens in creating e mail id and link it with their mobile numbers for cashless transactions.

Card Swipe Machines are available. Mobile Apps like MobiWik, Paytm, etc are there. Why can’t we use existing infrastructure to make life simple for the people who are going through hardships for lack of knowledge or information.

Why can’t My Gov and senior IT professionals put their resources on hand to eliminate misleading content going viral on WhatsApp groups. Why can’t someone create few White Board presentations to educate the rural folks in their own dialects? Even if the quality of voice over is average it is fine as long as the message is communicated.

I am proud to be associated with two initiatives of 1 Ka Dum Foundation


And #iPowerSwipe

i Power Swipe

In both the initiative this team has used simple ideas that will work wonders in the coming months. Me too kind of work will not help.

Hats Off to the bankers, back office staff, civil police and local administration for doing splendid job. Gratitude to all who are helping the people in queue with tea water, etc.

Ordinary citizens doesn’t wait and finds Jugaad solutions and known for it. Nothing lost with the educated class.13 Nation needs your service.

Probably the layers of dust have to be removed by rubbing sand paper on the minds of the intellectuals.

Picture Credit: Story Epic desinema http://desinema.com/50-incredible-jugaad-can-invented-indians/ 

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