April 21, 2019

Where is Manekaji?

The one most important person missing from the TV screens when the issue of the Pradyumna’s death is discussed is Manekaji. The Minister who should have been worried about the crimes against children and women has been mostly silent. This puts a curious question as to why the lady who is worried about one part of her job profile in a particular way is not interested in another part of her job profile.

Pradyumna’s death has happened in a school and the media is happy chasing the HRD minster and also the concerned state ministers. Many other children are being trafficked and fake news about RSS involvement was created by the media some time back. One other organization NCPCR allegedly asked the children to be careful about molesters during the Hindu festival season and yet there are no sound bytes from these mighty concerned individuals.

Manekaji had made a huge noises when a horse has been allegedly injured by BJP person and when the horse died the whole media did mass mourning. A boy has been killed in a school belonging to a minority community and the owner of the chain of schools is highly politically influential person. There is a silence on part of the usual suspects and intellectuals. This in itself is an indication of the involvement and knowledge of similar crimes on part of many of the closed group.

If there were noises about resignation of a minister due to failure to prevent accidents, how can there be no voices about the resignation of minister when a child’s life is not protected. Why no one celebrity is feeling ashamed about being Indian when children are being killed in schools which are supposed to be very safe owing to the bigoted flawed RTE. The entire gang of intellectuals continued to be worried about the death of a sexist, bigoted, political activist’s murder but have no spare time and energy for the murder of a innocent young child.

Every single event with relation to this death of a child indicates that the artificial tears flow for sake of some benefits. All the drama about concern about children shown by several powerful intellectuals is only an eyewash for something behind the scenes. After every single crime against the children of this nation the concerned minister’s silence is more concerning than the failure of the police machinery to punish the culprits. The courts cannot be blamed as they have their own agendas, worries and whispers.

The Minister Manekaji’s concerns are more about who trolled women on Twitter but not who got killed. If the killed human is a child the issue is of least concern to the minister. May be it is Manekaji’s way of giving it back to the Indians for not allowing glory to her own child. Only God knows whats going on in the mind of the WCD Minister, but whatever she is doing is not helping the Indian women and kids in any way.

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