April 19, 2019

Where Naseeruddin Shah’s Fluffy article legitimises ‘Hindu Mobs attacking Muslims’ narrative of MSM

Today morning my WA groups were posting an Article of Naseeruddin shah in HT times and getting emotional about his ‘secular’ ‘deeply personal’ article-I read his article,was deeply distressed at how by just claiming he is not a ‘good Muslims’ he gets emotional Hindus to toe the libbie line.

sagarikaTo me both the title and content of the article are just an extension of Sagarikha Ghose’s tweet about Hindu mobs hunting down Muslims.

He starts with an insidious victim playing, calling himself not a ‘good Muslim’ by emphasising the Binary of a good Muslim in salafi/Arab wear and by mentioning his ‘deeply personal’ detail of marrying Ratna, a Hindu and by bringing in the love Jihad Binary of Muslim-Hindu marriage places himself on a pedestal and starts preaching. He totally neglects the fact that inter religion marriage is not love jihad, marrying Hindu, Christian girls and making them convert to Islam as a hidden agenda is love Jihad.

He rues that he never remembers Muslims being viewed with suspicion – till about 30 years back there was no salafi Islam inspired Islamic terror- in India it started in Kashmir in mid 80’s but was legitimised as call for Aazaadi . It is since global terror by Muslim youth, professing to be inspired by Quran and the ideological idea of a Muslim Caliphate that Muslims are being viewed with suspicion.

Then the normal monkey balancing starts- first by equating the horrors of Islamic terror with the new narrative of ‘gau rakshaks’–while gau raksha is revered by most Hindus, equating a few stray incidents of alleged gau rakshaks (which have in most cases turned out to be local Spats between rival gangs of smugglers between local goondas masquerading as gau rakshaks, villagers fighting with cattle thieves) which are condemned and not given sanction -either by ruling party or by Hindu society-stray incidents are compared to horrific bombings, knifing,car mowings etc.

Then another ridiculous equivalence starts- that of creeping radicalising of Muslim society esp in dressing up in full body Burkhas, toddler girls in hijab, men in beards and Islamic long Kurta and short pyjama – with ‘creeping tilak and saffron’ – in Hindus !!!!

The Most offensive part was his fear of Mobs asking for religious identity of his kids in future-just to remind him- mobs asked for religious identity on direct action day in 1946, in 1989, 1990, mobs in Kashmir caused mass exodus of Kashmiri pandits based on religious identity, 1984 Sikhs were massacred by congress leaders based on religious identity, In nandigram 2003, Kashmiri Pandits of an entire village were killed based on religious identity, last couple of years Violent Muslim mobs in Malda, Dhulagarh have gone on rampage over religious identity.

Then Shah plays ‘Sare jahan se Accha ‘ card –rueing that Audience did not know that a Muslim wrote the song – well most of audience may not know who wrote Vande Matram either.

In eulogising Iqbal Naseeruddin forgets that after writing ‘ Hindi hai hum watan hai Hindustan hamara’ Iqbal was the philosophical father Pakistan and influenced Jinnah in creating Pakistan. Naseeruddin may not know the poem was later changed to – Chin o Arab Hamada, Muslim hain hum watan hai Sara jahan hamara.

To conclude, the real Brave Muslims taking on the problems in Islam are Salman Rushdie who wrote satanic verses, Tasleema Nasreen, Ayaan hirsi Ali -who are paying a price for it.

The article would have been a honest one, had Naseeruddin not given in temptation of bringing in ‘mobs’, Gau rakshaks, Tilak, saffron and Sania Mirza’s skirt length from decade ago.

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