June 21, 2018

Where’s the Party Tonight?

The “Beta” version of SP is hogging all the limelight and “Beta” version of INC is miles away getting empowered. He missed the best orchestrated event on January 1st 2017. Someone (may be an Olympics aspirant) tried to grab eyeballs by throwing a shoe at Kejriwal at Rohtak rally but shoe’s dignity came between the Olympics aspirant and Kejriwal. Shoe missed the target. This explains the reason why Indians always lag behind in medal tally in the Olympics. Haryana government gave wrestling mats to all Akharas in Haryana to promote the sport of wrestling. Why not an extra shoe to the guy who attempted the throw? Life is all about second chances. The Olympics aspirant should be briefed about Kejriwal’s itinerary and given a second chance with second shoe to try his luck one more time.

Rahul’s presence in UP’s Game of Thrones could have helped him ink a deal with Tipu, the new Sultan of SP, and get some seat sharing done. Taking “Break” in make or break situations has been the hallmark of RaGa. Why would he break his own tradition? Whose Cycle is it anyway? Politics isholidayin your shirt. Politics is in your pants. RaGa has put his “Hands” in the pants (pun intended). He should have grabbed the Cycle with both hands. When he is expected to piggyback a ride on the cycle, he is juggling with the balls. Tipu would cycle ahead and Pappu would be just rolling up his sleeves. No matter which way the Cycle turns, Rahul has turned his back to reality. Reality – 0. Ecstasy -1.

Picture Credit: WhatsApp Messages Twitter ScreenShots


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