May 20, 2019

Who am I ?..

“Who am I?.. The Plight of Pakistani Hindus”, the first ever detailed documentary on the plight of Pakistani Hindus. The film will come under the banner of P2P Productions. Since the commencement of this project, the film has been in the public attention. About 2 years ago, when we came across the people of refugee camp unintentionally, we were never aware of the atrocities they have been through in the Pakistan, which forced them to take refuge in India. Just like us, many people we knew didn’t have any idea about the issue, and it motivated us to make a detailed documentary film on the issue. We want to use the film as a tool, which has the capability to highlight the issue globally.

The Hindu community of Pakistan has been going through the silent religious persecution since the formation of Pakistan, especially for the past 2 decades. As a result, migration of Pakistani Hindus to India has been increased in the recent years. The unfortunate happens when they are not accepted in India too, due to their Pakistani identity. The worst thing is that they have been ignored for a long time now. The issue is big, as Hindu community of Pakistan, has been subjected to the gravest human rights violations in Pakistan and deprivation of basic amenities and lack of support from the Indian government. We hope to utilize the film at its best for the betterment of these people.

The film is directed by Prakash Jha, Anuradha Mishra has done the research work. Also, Dev More, Raaz Attree (Pankaj), and Ankit Shukla have done their respective contribution in music, editing and co-ordination.


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He is 26, a post graduate in mass communication with film making specialization from India Today Group.
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