April 23, 2019

Who is real Dyer?

One would’ve thought that after all those years, Dyer(s) must’ve have died. But we were wrong. They haven’t. Our Chief of Army Staff Gen Bipin Rawat is a live example, or so the commies would have us believe. In a recent article,  Partha Chatterjee has compared him with Dyer(s) of Jallianwala Bagh fame. Prakash Karat too has voiced similar opinion. On what grounds do they say so? Possibly, because the chief, in the context of Major Gogoi, said that he wished that Kashmiris were firing bullets rather than throwing stones. But herein lies the difference between him and Dyer. Sikhs were not throwing anything at British in Jallianwala Bagh in 1919 whereas Kashmiris are. And I agree with the Chief, I also want Kashmiris who want Azaadi to fire bullets. That way, the idiom ‘tit for tat’ can be effectively utilized.

There is another issue here. These communists enjoy freedom of speech, while our army doesn’t. That is why their intellectuals can say whatever they wish to but the Chief and the army have to maintain the decorum of service and not get embroiled in their dirty politics. Not only does the army not have the freedom of speech, they also do not have freedom of action. Had it been so, Major Gogoi would’ve opened fire on the crowd, instead of just tying one of them to the jeep. Even if he had done so, that would still not make our army look anything like General Dyer because he had opened fire on innocent civilians who had got together for Baisakhi in a closed compound of Jallianwala Bagh, unlike the crowd of Kashmiris who had gotten together to assault Major Gogoi.

IMG_20170607_175941Not only this, the writer Partha Chatterjee, is ill-informed. Our Chief, General Bipin Rawat did not award Major Gogoi before the Court of Inquiry pertaining to the incident was completed, as alleged by him. Not only had the inquiry been completed, it had itself recommended the officer to be awarded for this act. But then, facts have never really bothered our commies. They wouldn’t start caring about them now. In other words, being intellectually dishonest is their basic trait. They shoot at the slightest provocation. So what does that make them? You guessed it, Intellectual Dyers. Just like the original Dyer, these people too have no shame in peddling lies to justify themselves. Moreover, if the original Dyer was nothing but a terrorist, these people too are no better. They’re intellectual terrorists.

There is only one way to deal with such Dyers in our country. We need to become intellectual Udham Singhs and kill their narrative. That is the only way to keep the Indian Dyers in their places. Fortunately, social media is the place where the intellectual Udham Singh’s of our country are giving a bitter fight to these Dyers. Now there is no place LEFT for these Dyers to hide in. As a result, many of them have jumped ships, some have run away and those who’re LEFT, are only crying their hearts out. But there is no one to wipe their tears.

Picture Credit: Wiki and Twitter Screen shot.


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