May 19, 2019

Who killed Gauri ?

Accusations are flying helter skelter . The Congressmen and Communists have gone ballistic accusing the BJP and RSS of committing the crime . However baseless it may sound , they allege that extreme Right ideology is out to goebbelise the voices of dissent and in extreme cases eliminate them , insinuating that a particular ideology is to blame for Gauri Lankesh’s murder .

A woman of stature and a respected media person to be culled so barbarically is highly condemnable . Such a crime has no place in a civilised society and such criminals deserve to end-up on a hangman’s noose .

Her death has sparked a debate , not about crime , and not about ‘who did it’ . IT’S all about why RSS or BJP did it , and how India is devolving into a fascist state . If this isn’t a classic case of prejudice , then what is ?

Media is abuzz with hyperventilating people peddling pernicious lies and foisting blame . Mind you , these blokes are not ordinary citizens like you and me , they are prominent Politicians , Media persons and intelligentsia (sic) who were out pointing their accusing finger at RSS/BJP even before the body went cold .

‘Hindu Terror Unit’ killed Gauri claims her lawyer BT Venkatesh . It’s appalling that a Legal Practitioner chooses to hurl baseless allegations without a shred of evidence . And it’s even more appalling when media carries such statements issued by a man who has chosen the death of his client as an opportunity to get into the limelight .

‘Hindu Terror Unit’ is just another nomenclature by the anti-BJP brigade to offset the severely discredited ‘Saffron Terror’ claims . And in the future , many such fancy names will come into existence thanks to the sincere efforts of a pandering and appeasing politicians and media men , who believe that lies come true , if lies are repeated incessantly .

Congress is in power in Karnataka . Instead of resorting to presumptions and assumptions they better put their investigative machinery to good use . Bring the real ( the author has used the word ‘Real’ because Col. Purohit episode is still fresh in everyone’s mind ) culprits to book as soon as possible .

Just like murder or any other heinous crime, the ‘Narrative of Hate’ has no place in a civilised society. Playing with the emotions of people and drumming-up a hate frenzy tantamount to abetment of crime and it’s imperative that the lawmakers and enforcers treat the hatemongers as conspirators whose sole intention is to incite communal disharmony and social distress.

Picture Credit: Screenshot from Twitter – @SickularLibtard 


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