May 27, 2019

Whose Exclusive is it? Battle for fastest finger first in MSM.

We are all very acutely aware of bjp govt media policy or lack of it,, this has been alluded earlier also  by us

However there are many factors playing out simultaneously which is causing  serious friction among the famous faces in the English TV News channels arena, Rahul Kanwal who is emerging as the clone of rowdy Rajdeep Sardesai is taking on Arnab Goswami of times Now as a proxy for the apology seeking  individual since 2002.who may soon assume overt role in politics instead of the covert role that he has been playing all these years.

If We are to believe sources there is a Voodoo doll  act syndrome practiced by Arnab Goswami, who has been using pins to prick the photograph of RajdeepSardesai which he has kept on his desk for all these years, Rahul Shivshankar has replicated this after leaving TimesNow and joining newsX.

It’s a given Arnab Goswami is junior to both rajdeep sardesai and Barkha dutt, currently he is miles ahead of both in a league of his own, surely this must be hurting both the seniors. What makes  situation worse for both the senior protagonists; is Arnab Goswami does not suffer from debilitating credibility crisis as they do.

Modi Sarkar has stopped the free rides on AirIndia1, no free booze and free food either, channels have to pay if they wish to cover Prime Minister Modi’s overseas travels.

Coupled with this is no sweet heart deals to the channels, no juicy leaks which enables them to stay indoor in the cool climes of airconditioned offices. Heat being generated by Social Media is also getting unbearable open whinning and complaing had to be resorted to by Prannoy Roy and Shekhar Gupta when social Media pressure made GOI to withdraw the MOU entered into with NDTV. Known and visible anti Modi/BJP stance for over a decade is also hurting. Having been active partners in Gujarat riot Cottage Industry does not make life any easier.

From time to time gratitious advice is also render to Prime Minister Modi  by the likes of tavleen singh who laments the lack of interaction with MSM and by Madhu Kishwar which is contrary to tavleen singh. This has so far not yielded any dividends for our MSM,  to their chargin, Prime Minister seems to be man with an independent mind ,will work along a certain path regardless of all the advice he receives.

Where does this leave our MSM. Competition is getting stiff by the day, the space is being constantly reduced, now they will have to work hard for a living, No Free lunches.

Snazzy slogans  not withstanding.

Indians just might be in for a very big surprise, media quality might improve due to tough competitive environment as was envisaged by NDA1 govt.

Tweet posted below are a testimony to a bitter ego and professional battle being waged.

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They shud not shy away from this exercise since they conduct this on a daily basis in their studios, where politicians are subjected to rigorous questioning by the famous faces as also their selected civil society members.

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