March 19, 2019

Why Astrology?

Pic Source: Wiki

Since times immemorial human beings have taken the help of stars in the sky to find directions so that they travel correctly on land or the sea to their desired destination.

We all have heard and read about the North Star in the Bible and the Dhruv Tara in Indian mythology.

The sky is divided in 12 sections each of 30 degrees and the 27 constellations divided throughout the signs.

The moon transits each sign from which the predictions are made. The Hindu system works on the transit of moon. These days astrology has found a lot of believers as many astrologers are seen on the tv.

The farmers also know that grains grown in the waxing period of the moon grow better compared to the weaning period of the moon lunatics in the mental asylum also become violent on the full moon nights.

These things proved that the stars affect an and its surroundings nobody can deny. And astrology is a wonderful science which can be put to good use as each planet has unique qualities.

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Veena Arge has been practising astrology in New Delhi for over 25 years.Besides prediction, her forte has been to alleviate suffering through "Mantra Jaaps". She learnt the finer points of astrology from her maternal uncle, who himself was a renowned practising astrologer in Pune; besides enhancing her learnings and knowledge through intense professional readings. She is also an accomplished Tarot card reader and uses her meditational skills to answer queries from her clients.