April 23, 2019

Why Ban Liquor Shops, Withdraw license of Liquor Companies if it so Bad

Banning liquor is fashionable by CMs. Before we get into detailed discussion, it is important we share some facts and study ground reality that everyone knows.

Liquor companies make huge profits on dry days. Anything that is in short supply is stored and black marketeers benefits from it. Be it food grains, water tanker or liquor. States where liquor is banned are the states where rich buy liquor at premium and poor buy the illegal ones or make at home. Indian Made Foreign Liquor has done a business of 1400 Billion last year. Northern India leads in desi liquor and southern India (in particular AP and Telangana) are leaders in IMFL. Market is growing at the rate of 11%.

People drink for many reasons and banning it because it creates dispute in family is no good reason. The central and state government have to come clean on this issue. People may not know but last year in February an announcement was done in MP itself that anyone earning INR 10 lac and above per annum can store 100 bottles at home. The only rider was that the cost of the bottle should not be more than INR 1000. Revenue from liquor in MP is around 13%.

Have we not seen people going to Goa and getting liquor back after vacation? Let us not get into controlling lives of the citizens. A conscious call has to be taken. There is a huge revenue from liquor industry apart from indirect employment. If the government is really serious, than why not cancel license of liquor companies. On record there are 19 death because of illicit liquor consumption after the ban. Many who were celebrating the liquor ban and claiming some statistics on how crime has come down had to hide face as after 10 months the crime rate has gone up by 12%.

Censor board has done enough of damage to the people in entertainment. Hope government doesn’t become Censor Board of our lifestyle. Successfully running states find unique ways to come in lime light. If Maharshtra journalist protection bill was not enough, MP banning liquor in phases is now in competition. In phases some votes shall keep moving elsewhere.

Picture Credit: News18.com


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