April 23, 2019

Why hesitate to abrogate Article 370?

The Kashmir valley is in turmoil , not because the independence movement has gained momentum but because Pakistan, in cahoots with the Separatist’s, is successful in a three pronged strategy to destabilise the valley .

Firstly, Pakistan’s mastery in resorting to ‘terror as a tool’ to ferment trouble in the valley isn’t a new phenomenon, for decades their ploy has worked primarily because they have driven out the Pandits and a section of the Muslim population is easily manipulable to support the Pakistani agenda of usurping Kashmir in the guise of ‘Azad Kashmir’.

They tried the same tactic in Punjab but failed because Sikhs realised pretty soon that Pakistan’s true intention was to destabilise India.

Sooner or later the misguided elements in Kashmir will also recognise Pakistan’s ulterior motive.

35FC10CC00000578-3675927-Stone_pelters_Cases_dropped-a-28_1467764737768Secondly, it’s success in stage-managing it’s proxies within India to spew venom against the Indian state and use them to maintain a high level of volatility in Kashmir ensuring that normalcy never returns to the valley. It’s no secret that the proxies have been the conduit for Pakistan to spread propaganda, they have been richly rewarded for faithfully doing Pakistan’s bidding. Uprisings in Kashmir are on the basis of ‘Buy a Mob’ and ‘Pay a Pelter’ . The brainwashed, unemployed and broke louts do what they do for the sake of money, Azadi is all hogwash .

Thirdly, a hot valley is a hot topic in Pakistan. The siblings,  separated during the partition never did get along well, the creation of Bangladesh drove a wedge,  and since then, both the countries have hammered away at will to widen the the chasm doing little to bridge the divide.

In Pakistan, India bashing is invariably the most vital political narrative that political parties vie to outperform.

Similarly, the Pakistani Army is fixated with India, they chest thump and strut around flashing their medals. They imported toys, Missiles and Nuclear arsenal, they feel , are deterrence enough to prevent India from declaring a war . Simply put – false bravado fuels the egos of the General’s of the Pak Army  and their dishonest intentions fuels the covert war against India – a war that bleeds , mutilates and tests the resolve & patience of Indian army.

In this backdrop, where an unrestrainable Pakistan is hell-bent on furthering it’s Kashmir agenda. A Separatist movement that’s threatening to spiral into a full blown resistance movement . Terrorists striking with impunity. And misguided youth pelting stone, insulting Jawans and thwarting Indian security forces from carrying out their duties. India is left with no choice but to respond with radical measures – ‘Abrogation of Article 370’ is one such measure that has to be given a serious thought.

Article 370 is an ill-conceived law that has done little to help integrate the erstwhile princely state of Kashmir with the Indian union, on the contrary, it has given unscrupulous elements like the separatists and shameless politicians of the valley a whip to lash India with. The article has done little to protect the rights of the indigenous Kashmiri Pandits who are forced to live in exile. The skewed Law allows Kashmiri’s to live freely anywhere in India but prevents non Kashmiri citizens from buying land and settling down in the Indian state of Kashmir – ridiculous to say the least!

Abrogate the meaningless Article, banish the hedonistic Separatist Leaders, amass troops along the LOC to intimidate and deter Pakistan and stamp out lawlessness with an iron fist.

Tough measures but aren’t they the need of the hour ???

 Picture Credit: Change.org Screen shot from Twitter


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