May 24, 2019

Why Indian Film Fraternity Lacks The Bravado of Meryl Streep

At the Golden Globe Awards, Meryl Streep delivered a withering attack on Donald Trump. Her speech was lauded for standing up against discrimination and divisive agenda in the name of “Make America Great Again” campaign. Why haven’t we seen even a single display of brilliance, which Meryl exuded, by Indian movie stars? The answer lies in the hypocrisy of our celluloid leaders. They do not have the character to stand against the might of political establishment for the fear of getting their follies exposed. The lust of money makes them dance at the weddings of the political bigwigs. A bevy of film stars dance and entertain at the annual “Saifai Mahotsav” every year. It would be foolish to expect the stars who danced at Saifai to take a stand on Muzaffarnagar riots. As long as the money keeps on flowing, these stars would not think about ethics, morality and humanity.

Stars who attended Kolkata International Film Festival last year did not speak a word about the molestation by TMC member in Kolkata. You cannot be “Politically Correct” all the time. You got to take a stand. Incidents like Malda and Dhulagarh slip into oblivion. Our cine stars revel and dazzle in their cocooned shells. They selectively quote “Intolerance” and when they get drubbed for their hypocrisy they cry “Emergency”. On the contrary, stars in west do invest in causes which have global impact. Leonardo Di Caprio’s work with United Nations on “Climate Change” is widely acknowledged and appreciated. Matt Damon runs a campaign<> to provide potable water to people who have been neglected by government apathy. Matt Damon has done a great deal of work in India. Do we have examples to emulate in India? Well, we have someone, who killed people sleeping on the footpath and some black bucks, run “Being Human”. What’s so “Human” about it? A cover up for misdeeds done in the past?

Many Indian celebrities have been associated with PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) but none of them have spoken about slaughter of cows, buffaloes and goats for meat consumption. Do they have any credibility left? May be in “Panama Papers”. When Irfan Khan questioned the purpose of sacrificing animals on Eid, he earned the flak of fundamentalists. Members from fraternity did not come out to show solidarity. Not even the “Perfectionist” Khan. He was busy looking for a place more secure than India. Charity and philanthropy are just photo-op moments for them.

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