April 21, 2019

Why Is Animal Rights Activism of Indian Celebrities a Farce?

Public figures and celebrities, more often than not, speak about issues that matter to them or the general public at large. Personalities in the west are more progressive and non-partisan than their Indian counterparts in voicing their opinions.

Rest In Peace, you innocent soul #Shaktiman. We, humans, failed you.

— Virat Kohli (@imVkohli) April 21, 2016

An ace Indian cricketer feels disgusted and shocked when a mob brutalizes a horse but stays silent when a group of 8 men rapes a pregnant goat in Haryana. No disgust? No shock? It’s completely unpalpable. Placard activism is in, and the stars from Tinseltown do not even blink before picking up a placard and selectively outraging about issues which fit the narrative of their upcoming release on the silver screen.

#TalkToMuslim hashtag on placards by these celebrities appears hollow when they do not run #TalkAboutMuslimsWhoRapedGoat because it’s too scary for them to do.They do not want a Charlie Hebdo done to them. Donning up PETA t-shirts and vouching for animal rights wouldn’t yield because hypocrisy spoils it all. Neither PETA nor any celebrity has spoken a word about the unfortunate incident which resulted in the death of the goat.

Spanish bullfighting is what they would look forward to in their movies but bullfighting as a sport in India pricks their conscience, and they start a farcical outrage about it. They go, mum when goats get slaughtered on Eid but do not shy away from preaching morality on Diwali. Azaan sounds peaceful, but sounds of crackers are cacophony.

It’s time to call out the hypocrisy of celebrities and show them a mirror when they exhibit selectivity in furthering agenda to suit their cause and interests.

Image Courtesy: India Today


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