May 27, 2019

Why Modi is not removing RTE?

RTE according to the citizens of Bharat is one of the most sectarian laws ever passed by the government of India. The danger of this law is due to the combined effect of certain constitutional amendments which give a free hand to the minorities and imposes penalties on the majority run institutes. This single law has resulted in the closure of several thousands of schools rendering several people jobless in the process but the second part of the issue does not come into the picture usually. Most of the equality hoping constitution abiding people of Bharat thought that Modi government would bring in equality as it promised Sab Ka Saath, Sab ka Vikas, but the government does not seem to be disinterested to correct the mistake. Great many people have been vocal about the issues with RTE but the voice is not getting amplified because those who could do corrections are surrounded by the noises of the secular megaphones.

The sad part of the story is that none of the BJP CMs seem to be interested in getting the law to be repealed or corrected but on the other hand one CM after another is busy in full implementation of the sectarian law. Much to the dismay of many supporters even The Modi is not doing anything. A proposal by saffron clad Ramdev to start a chain of schools seems to have been thwarted by the elite babus who send their kids to elite schools which are far away from the ambit of RTE. A question then arises in the mind and which never seems to get out of the thinking space of ordinary humans is – WHY MODI IS NOT REMOVING RTE?

The only answer is that Modi wants kids to not go to school and he might be hoping that there are lots of school dropouts. Once the kids go to second grade or third grade schools, it is more of possibility that they might not learn much from the Maculay System of Education which the minority appeasing Constitution approves. Thus more children would suffer lack of education at one end and also are saved from the dangerous deracinated education system. Such children would learn the skills necessary for a living from skill training institutes after whatever meager learning they could get from the schools. With more people getting to learn job skills, the employment opportunities increase and there would be better revenue generation scopes available. In this way Modi could save the unemployment system and this might also lead to a change in labour market dynamics and a rise in entrepreneurial spirit of Indians.

The original education system was the one that taught life skills and the skills with which one could make a living. But Maculay System works in quite the opposite way. Recent surveys are proof that the outdated foreign imported education systems that are implemented in India are doing more harm than good. The best example is the unemployability of the engineers who are passing out of the colleges. The problem lies in the entire chain of education with the roots already rotting, there is little that be done. In the best case scenario, Modi is waiting for the rot in the root kills the tree and people are forced to plant new seeds on their own. These is akin to states taking a stand on the education system and do a much better job as per their choice and fight it out in the courts. Everything cannot be top down approach and it is upto the states to fight the unimplementable laws. The Jallikattu issue, Beef ban issue, Land acquisition issue, etc the states have worked a way out of the mess.

There is always a way out and it is time NDA CMs start to do justice to the people and there is little Modi could do in this case as he seems to be over burdened. The noisy liberals cannot do much when it comes to the state and the pseudo-libearls cannot bark beyond Delhi. The states are the new centers and the CMs should take a step forward. The solution to RTE must be found at the states.

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