April 26, 2019

Why Should Insaaniyat Suffer for Kashmiriyat?


Condemnation of dastardly acts of terror has become the new normal and this template has been used by leaders across the political spectrum after attack on Amarnath pilgrims. Does condemnation serve any purpose? It does not even change things on the ground. It’s a failure of security apparatus and culpability should be fixed. We need action and condemn those who stick to condemnation after every unfortunate incident.

Kashmiriyat and Jamooriyat have let down Insaaniyat in the valley. Political leaders have started extracting mileage out of the incident. You cannot start with standard operating procedure of condemnation and then go on a blame game spree. Security of pilgrims is state government’s responsibility. They cannot shirk it by saying that the bus was not registered with the Amarnath Yatra Board. How could a bus roam after 7pm given the security situation in the valley?

Announcement of compensation package has become another standard operating procedure after “Condemnation”. No amount ofIMG-20170711-WA0048  pecuniary assistance could replace the trauma which survivors of victims are going through. People in administration cannot wash their hands off by announcing packages. The security lapse was nothing less than criminal. Can we see a closure or the Jumlas of Kashmiriyat and Jamooriyat will be forced on us?

Kashmiriyat is just a smokescreen created to alienate Kashmiri Pundits and Hindus. What kind of Kashmiriyat forbids settlement of Kashmiri Pandits in the valley? Why the idea of creation of land banks for settlement colonies were opposed? Article 370 nourishes the façade of Kashmiriyat. Revoke it to restore normalcy and Insaaniyat in the valley.

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