May 24, 2019

Why still have Toll Naka Now? What happened to Election Promise in MH

CM Shri Devendra Fadnavis may have fulfilled many promises but one that was actively promoted during the election campaign was removing toll to help citizens. When such schemes are advertised they need to be honored. And more so when Modiji photograph is prominently used.

One side toll fee is INR 35/-. Monthly pass for all five entry exit point is INR 1400/- For lacs ofCnoDMM6WIAAdFS7 citizens staying on border of city limits or who travel for small businesses, this is additional burden and they feel cheated after voting for BJP.

The memory of this promise has come alive after Demonetisation, central government had given a waiver for few days. Once it was lifted there were long queues for want of loose change. After voting for BJP do I need to be scared by the police at the Toll Naka? Is this what I voted for? Each time people like me pay at the Toll Naka I am reminded that this is the price of voting for BJP. Yes I don’t have choices and this will be taken for granted. But for how long?

With regard to roads the scene is not good. Pot holed roads, specially on entire western express highway are adding to problem after the additional metro work has started. The road was anyways narrow as compared to Eastern Express Highway. Whatever  is left is full of pot holes. Average time to travel from mira road to Andheri could be anything in the range of 60 min ti 90 min.

Repair work on a (Bhayander creek or Versova Creek) bridge at the junction of Fountain Restaurant on Gujrat highway is going on endlessly. Minimum waiting time is half an by default. This bridge was under repair in 2013 as well. On both the occasions the crack in the bridge were noticed by fisherman and they in turn informed the police. Don’t know if they were rewarded. This bridge is too old and high time a new bridge on the creek is planned. God forbid if we are not lucky third time, this old bridge will lead to very very heavy loss of life. Heavy vehicles are not allowed on this bridge and a permanent iron barrier is also put. Traffic Police has put signages of 20 km/hour speed limit. But motorist hardly bother.


Good work should not be spoiled by making voters follow up for something that is promised. This might reflect badly in BMC elections.

Punjab and Uttar Pradesh election are around the corner and it would be important that such promises are avoided.

When Modiji picture is used for a promise, it should be taken seriously.



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