April 19, 2019

Will Power

One should never underestimate children and their will power.”While we try to teach our children all about life,our children teach us what life is about.”-Angela Schwindt.

My son aged ten was about to begin with his half term exams,when suddenly he came down with a soar throat and cold.I immediately sought an appointment with the paediatrician as he didn’t want to miss his exams.He had been a topper throughout and hated to lose his position.So his father decided to take him but my daughter implored as she wanted to accompany her brother.Hubby agreed and took them both.Soon my son’s turn came,the doctor examined him and prescribed some medicines.Hubby stopped to buy the medicines while both the brother sister duo decided to play “catch me if you can”. While playing they did not see an open drain and my son slipped into it.He started crying and seeing him in pain daughter also started bawling.

Hubby rushed out to see them and with great difficulty he took out our son.Dusk had fallen so he couldn’t see that our son was hurt.His shorts had been ripped by some ,sharp metallic object.There was a gash on his thigh,so he started crying.Since they had not gone far from the doctor’s clinic they rushed back to get it bandaged.The doctor bandaged it and assured him he would recoup soon.But by the time they reached home,the bandage was soaked in blood and blood was trickling from his thigh.We knew that it was a deep cut and it needed a suture.Hubby dropped our daughter and wasted no time and immediately drove to the nearest hospital.Those were times when mobiles were not prevalent and we used landlines.He took him at 8p.m and didn’t return till midnight.

All this while i was getting panicky,somehow i calmed my daughter and put her to bed but i was walking to and fro outside the house.I tried calling the hospital from where i got the information doctor not being available,they had given him first -aid but sent him to the far off trauma centre.The night became fraught with worry and i was a mass of frazzled nerves.Some neighbours seeing me out at that odd hour  came to enquire and stayed with me as i waited for my hubby and son.

At midnight i saw them return and i calmed down a bit.But seeing the bandage and sutured thigh,i started weeping.But my son though in pain tried to ease my worry by asking for food.They had to go far to get it stitched and due to so much blood loss,my son had nearly gone into shock.The doctor treated him in emergency and put 14sutures to seal the gash.He had behaved in a mature fashion compared to his age.My son abided with the doctor and calmly got it stitched and got the antitetanus jab without bawling.The doctor was impressed,even in that pain he had asked the doc, permission to take the exam.He had been advised not to climb stairs as there was danger of his stitches breaking.

I fed him but not a morsel went down my throat seeing him in pain.I advised him to go to bed as the doctor had put him on strong painkillers.He agreed but with a promise that i would wake him in time for school.My hubby tried to dissuade him from taking the test in that pain.A medical certificate could have been submitted to exempt him from taking the exam.But he wouldn’t hear of it and he was adamant to go.

We were impressed by his indomitable spirit.He appeared for all the exams in pain,eating painkillers and when i requested his teacher to allow him to sit in the groundfloor class,as his class was on the second floor.He refused as he hated being seggregated and getting a superior treatment.

We marvelled at his will power and he came out in flying colours,maintaining his first position.

From my son I learnt during a tough situation don’t say Why Me but Try Me.

Dr.Preeti Talwar

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