April 26, 2019

Will soli sorabjee succeed in restoring the missing credibility of ndtv by being their poster boy a la Gandhi for congress.


Credibility  and ndtv are again juxtaposed, not for the first or the last time. This is going to happen as long as ndtv is in existence. This channel and it’s personnel have worked very hard to earn this unshakable reputation of being not just liars, rumor mongers of the worst kind. Credibility is a word which they have not heard.

We will have to give credit to this goebbels factory setting up an in house ethics committee with sonia singh as it’s head , also inducting soli sorabjee as an independent lokpal for certifying quality of content. Now what compelled mr. soli sorabjee to accept such a role with the worst channel in India only he can answer? Why did he walk in with both eyes wide open to become the Gandhi of ndtv? Our apprehension is he will suffer the same fate that Gandhi has at the hands of congress.a mature and seasonsed person as mr.soli sorabjee is also not going to be sufficient to revive this criminal channel, mr. arun jaitley may appear on this channel and can also delay the case, users of social media are unanimous in their verdict on ndtv. It’s a corrupt, anti India channel which merits an immediate shut down.

Sonia singh may have earned a lot of  political brownie point for her husband RPN singh in congress ex-MOS HOME of upa with her diatribe against India and bjp govt at UNESCO. Those who betray their country on any international forum are loathed in their own country of origin as by all foreigners.

Other interesting conversation was between nikhil wagle and vikram Chandra here again, nikhil accused vikram of censoring his comments on big fight.nmajority of social media user abhorre ndtvand stay away from it. Credibility does matter mr. vikram Chandra has experienced this previously when most of us refused to appear on his show fearing distortion of views , censorship and missing credibility of ndtv.

Will soli sorabjee succeed in restoring the missing credibility by being their poster boy a la Gandhi for congress.


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