May 20, 2019

Will the #SoJo rise to the occasion again

As the time and distance reduces for the general elections 2019.

We are beginning to notice minor increase in activity among the SMers(#SoJo).

The old adage “Success has many fathers.” post 2014 had come into play, where large number of SMers wanted to claim credit for activities they had not participated in, this was contested by some of those  who had been very active for almost 5 to 7years prior to last general election, naturally this lead to plenty of disagreements, arguments and even trading of charges, name calling. Resulting in disintegration of, those well knit groups that were very prominently visible in the run up to 2014 General elections.

Some celebrity Media person did exit the scene. Namely Rajdeep and Sagarika were evicted from CNNIBN, Barkha Dutt exited or was evicted from NDTV, Shekhar Gupta also exited from Indian Express. The focus on media did get diluted. The energy levels did not reduce, this abundant energy was used for targeting each other.

Not every SoJo has the habit of composing article and maintaining personal blogposts. Majority prefer to make their presence felt on twitter, via their tweets.

The other significant aspect was displaying of Loyalty towards PM Modi and BJP. Some SMers(#SoJo) took instant offence if any critical comment was posted by even a former fellow traveller. The new order demanded no critical comments at all. Main stream Media and it’s person no longer were of interest to the those who had previously neutered them. We failed to accept that we are not politicians and majority of us do not have any inside knowledge of a political party, the dynamics that dictate decisions.

Differing opinions were bound to lead to heated debates, arguments and falling out. I did write a three series on this issue.

Will this so called RW SoJo sink their differences and rise to the occasion?

I am very optimistic about RW SoJo coming together majority of them did not and again will not seek any personal gratification. There may be a miniscule percentage who may be miffed at not receiving any compensation for their contributions in 2014.

Hopefully SMers (#SoJo) will understand their limitations, make the required course corrections and contribute yet again in another glorious victory for PM Modi and BJP.

We need to repeatedly remind ourselves our core strength is in tackling Main stream Media, the sooner we put our heads down and get down to exploiting our strength rather than attempt to become political pundits predicting what awaits us if we do not vote PM Modi, BJP for a second term. How congress would wreak  havoc on BJP supporters, Indians and India.

Will the #SoJo rise to the occasion and deliver that telling blow which will defeat all evil designs of opposition of unseating our government in 2019 General election.

Time for action is here let us focus on our objective, leave politics to the political parties, take care of MSM which is our forte.  The sense of purpose will return sooner than later, level of commitment for 2019 victory will not be any lower than it was in 2014.

PM Modi has a few promises still to be fulfilled and the RW SoJo will do their utmost to ensure a second term. In all likelihood unfulfilled promises for now will be glossed over in the larger interest of securing a second continuous term for PM Modi.

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