May 20, 2019


“YAH ALL INDIA RADIO HAI AB AAP DEVKINANDAN PANDEY SEY SAMACHAR SUNIYA”. This is how we woke up with news in early days.

Then TV news happened.

A good and credible News Channel is nation talking to itself.

One has a choice depending upon the subject, panel and the anchor. For me, anchor as just as important because of his/her credibility.

@Zee was first private news channel. It was Rajat Sharma who presented news with a straight face .After his exit, for years I have been watching only DNA or any special slot as rest of it is too heavy and explanatory.

@NDTV…Prannoy Roy was the face with support of Rajdeep Sardesai and Barkha Dutt. After I watched her coverage of Kargil,I became a huge fan  of Barkha Dutt. I have attended recording of her shows. As she covered 26/11, I realized something wasn’t right. Gradually, experts confirmed her 26/11 coverage was not in national interests…Then it was Radia Tapes, Then, “I will speak to Azad after 7 RCR”, her coverage of  Kashmir…Last nail was Hafiz and Wani episode…By this time, instead of Ndtv broadcasting news ,Ndtv itself became news.,. My best wishes are with Barkha… Nidhi Kulpati was caught on camera, allegedly asking a panelist “Congress Key Paksh Mein Bolna”(speak in favor of Cong)…. SriNivasan Jain is known for his 2002(Gujarat) bogasity in 2014 of Safed Daari Kaali Daari (Alleged ref to Modi and Amit Shah).Ravish Kumar is happy showing Black Screen…I don’t watch Ndtv now.

@CNNIBN.. Rajdeep Sardesai moved here from NDTV. I never found him convincing, never liked his style of presentation, his hand movements, and his making faces with his standard sentence “At the end of the day”. I used to surf this channel occasionally depending upon the topic/subject. He and his wife Sagarika Ghosh were at the centre of news bulletin smelling of pro congress and anti Modi which I found partisan. They capitalized on 2002 by twisting words and made it one between Hindus and Muslims on one side and Bjp and Congress on the other..Sagarika tried fooling viewers when she had a” Live” interview with Sri Sri, which was actually “recorded”. Channel had to apologies once  exposed. I try not to skip Suhasini Hyder and Cyrus Broacha shows. I have been avoiding CNN IBN, but, recent 5@10 by Bhupendra Chaubey and his changed attitude is temptation.

Newsx doesn’t give me any content, except fantastic show by Priya Sehgal. Rahul Shiv Shankar is too loud reading headlines.

India Today is itself responsible for the drop in viewership as Rajdeep Sardesai completes his journey from Ndtv to Cnn Ibn to India Today. Show presented by Karan Thapar is a mystery as one wonders who watches it unless it’s about his Suits and Bow Ties. It’s a typical show for those who are still with colonial mind. I prefer watching comedy show. There isn’t much about Rahul Kanwal except for  made up accent… Yes, Watching Gaurav Sawant is a treat.

@TimesNow has mustered high viewership recently, but I watch it only if a show is presented by Navika Kumar or Tina Tiwari. With Arnab, it’s too noisy. My ear drums are sensitive. There has to be a Difference between TV news debate and WWE fights.

@Aajtak ..I keep myself away even though Shweta Singh amongst best Hindi anchors, but, Anjana Om Kashyap Ko Gussa Kyon Ata Hai?

@ABP doesn’t show any exciting content. What I can’t stand is Kishore Ajwani running cross country within studios.

@InidiaTV is credible and I like and watch Rajat Sharma still presenting news with a straight face. BP NEWS.MEDIA

How one wishes, we had more journalists and editors and not enemy combatants. By its very nature, TV news is not meant for intelligent analysis, it is meant for sensation mongering. Gen Bakshi’s speech at IIT was termed as “hate speech” but pro- Wani slogans at Amnesty drama became “human rights event”… Sensation mongering is no news.

India journalists need to find a solution to their dripping credibility.

As the viewership drop, stop blaming the viewers.


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Writer is Shri BK Chowla

Twitter: @bchowla