March 19, 2019

Yes, No, YES

Rahul Gandhi’s Yes No Yes act supported by inefficient and cornered congress is nothing new.

Who is Rahul Gandhi?

A politician who failed to give full form of the abbreviation MGNREGA in Parliament positioned by his party as the PM candidate and supported by News Traders.

What value can he add. This is the same politician who asked a question in response to a question by a student. This is the same politician who kept on repeating just three answers to every question asked by Arnab during 2014 election in a one to one interview. This is the same politician who made mockery of himself standing on the dias answering question to industry stalwarts in 2014……

Why did Rahul meet Chinese Envoy secretly?

IMG_20170712_083457There are reasons to worry on Rahul meeting Chinese envoy. His great grand father has done blunder on Kashmir and China and now he has stood up to do remaining of the possible damage. If there are any inferences to be drawn then a doubt is confirmed as the Chinese deleted the meeting details. Why?

While Bhakt may be under the impression they have a punching bag in Rahul Gandhi they should not forget he is a street smart politician and never misses an opportunity to play against HINDUS. Recall his meeting with Tim Roemor

Thanks to Shaheed Tukaram Omble who caught Kasab alive else CONGRESS had prepared the ground to tag it as RSS ki Saazish. Needless to mention how Col. Purohit was framed.

His knowledge on General Knowledge may be poor but his skills in tragedy tourism as impeccable. Back to secret meeting with Chinese envoy, there is a big question mark on his intentions. No one has the freedom to have such meetings without government knowledge. But this shall continue as the present day government has given long rope to him, Vadra, CMs of West Bengal and Kerala.

When will HINDUS feel at home is an question to be answered. YES NO YES……………………


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