April 19, 2019

Yogi Adityanath – Aspiration of suppressed Voters

                      न किसी की आँख का नूर हूँ न किसी के दिल का क़रार हूँ
                      जो किसी के काम न आ सके मैं वो एक मुश्त\-ए\-ग़ुबार हूँ

                      मेरा रंग रूप बिगड़ गया मेरा यार मुझसे बिछड़ गया
                      जो चमन ख़िज़ां से उजड़ गया मैं उसी की फ़स्ल\-ए\-बहार हूँ

                      प\-ए\-फ़ातेहा कोई आये क्यूँ कोई चार फूल चढ़ाये क्यूँ
                      कोई आ के शम्मा जलाये क्यूँ मैं वो बेकसी का मज़ार हूँ

                      मैं नहीं हूँ नग़्मा\-ए\-जाँ\-फ़ज़ा मुझे सुन के कोई करेगा क्या
                      मैं वहीद रोग की हूँ सदा मैं बड़े दुखी की पुकार हूँ

                      न तो मैं किसी का हबीब हूँ न तो मैं किसी का रक़ीब हूँ
                      जो बिगड़ गया वो नसीब हूँ जो उजड़ गया वो दयार हूँ

                      मैं कहाँ रहूँ मैं कहाँ बसूँ ना ये मुझसे ख़ुश ना वो मुझसे ख़ुश
                      मैं ज़मीं की पीठ का बोझ हूँ मैं फ़लक़ के दिल का ग़ुबार हूँ

This is the gazal all political parties would be singing after UP election results. If that was not enough appointment of Yogi Adityanath as Chief Minister would have compelled them to sing Thumri written by Wajid Ali Shah, one of the last ruler of Awadh. He left for Bengal while majority of his family members left for England to settle there for ever.

बाबुल मोरा, नैहर छूटो ही जाए
बाबुल मोरा, नैहर छूटो ही जाए

चार कहार मिल, मोरी डोलिया सजावें (उठायें)
मोरा अपना बेगाना छूटो जाए | बाबुल मोरा …

आँगना तो पर्बत भयो और देहरी भयी बिदेश
जाए बाबुल घर आपनो मैं चली पीया के देश | बाबुल मोरा …

Jokes apart, people in UP are extremely happy with their CM Yogi and why not. Right from the word go he is doing what people were waiting for years. Yes, setting up law and order machinery in place in spirit. There is no appeasement, no enemity and no one has to beg for mercy. State officers are asked to submit details of their income. Though the deadline is extended once, I doubt there would be any mercy beyond this. If some people had liked the film Nayak starring Anil Kapoor then Yogi is real life CM. He is not there for one day but the way he has been working gives an impression that there is no tomorrow. Everything has to be done on war footing basis. And why not, the people of UP have waited endlessly to breath air of ZERO APPEASEMENT. The desparation to perform can be seen in the PM and his team too. Such a big state and so much to do. I remember once Raj Thakre said why state government of UP and Bihar don’t perform? He was right and he would be happy to witness the change. May be five year down the line the migration to Mumbai and parts of Maharashtra would come down drastically.

Though all BJP Chief Minister are performers in their own capacity but the way YOGI is moving ahead is something everyone who have voted for BJP and others even are compelled to say “Neighbors envy owners Pride”. What makes him different?

YOGI is a perfect fusion of knowledge, love care and man with an IRON FIST.

IMG_20170407_074638_254Yogi Adityanath’s legal notice to National Conference spokesperson Junaid Azim Mattu for allegedly “spreading hatred” against the BJP is crystal clear message to not only trouble makers in UP but also Pan India that none would be spared. He is not going to tolerate non sense and will keep working proactively to ensure development and law and order go hand in hand.

Citizens across India know they can’t have the benefit of Yogi as their CM but they have seen a glimpse of things to follow from 2024 onwards. They have seen Yogi Adityanath as PM in the queue. Not for the fact that he is a Saffron wearing BJP leader but for the fact that he has performed well as an MP in his area, the fact that he has delivered social benefits to all religions in his constituency as a MP, for the fact that he has performed well as a MP in Parliament as well.

He is the voice of suppressed voters and religion doesn’t come in his way of delivery.

On March 25, 2017 I had written an article on Hindu Appeasement by opposition and now we see Didi in Bengal talking about Ram Navmi. There is more to come as we move towards 2019 and 2024 election manifesto of opposition parties would be worth reading .

One day opposition would Appease Hindus

It is important to share some screen shots to refresh memory.



IMG_20170407_073738_930 IMG_20170407_074313_567



IMG_20170407_074115_592 IMG_20170407_074724_513


Be it Nitish Kumar in Bihar or anyone who wants to join hands with BJP, this is the time to make intention clear and not negotiate. Either you are part of Nation Building or you are part of Vote Bank politics. There is nothing in between. Time spares none and NOW is the TIME. Yogi Adityanath is Aspiration of suppressed Voters. Citizens are seeing the basic fruits of their vote. The child in feature pic of this article is not just a participant of some fancy dress but the expectations of the citizens in years to come. As PM Modi said during his speech at BJP head quarter last month. When the fruit grow on a tree, it bends. People are seeing the difference in governance. New CM is dependable and hence the aspiration of voters.

Today my mind is more inclined on shayari to convey my thoughts, so I end with Sahir Ludhianvi’s lines to convey the message.

                                        वक़्त से दिन और रात
                                        वक़्त से कल और आज
                                        वक़्त की हर शह ग़ुलाम
                                        वक़्त का हर शह पे राज

                                        वक़्त की पाबन्द हैं
                                        आते जाते रौनके
                                        वक़्त है फूलों की सेज
                                        वक़्त है काँटों का ताज
                                        वक़्त से दिन और रात   ...

                                        आदमी को चाहिये
                                        वक़्त से डर कर रहे
                                        कौन जाने किस घड़ी
                                        वक़्त का बदले मिजाज़
                                        वक़्त से दिन और रात   ...

Credits: http://desipoetry.com/tag/bahadur-shah-zafar-shayari/  https://www.lyricsindia.net/songs/2454#UNICODE  https://www.lyricsindia.net/songs/4111 , screen shots from Twitter, thanks to all tweeples.


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