May 24, 2019

Yogi giving sleepless night to MSM

Illegal business in any field is illegal, there can’t be any alternate to it and no mercy.. There can’t be amnesty just because it will lead to unemployment. I pity the so called qualified and respected journalists (genuine RW suddenly popping up from no where) showing concern and going over board. For decades these set of people have not paid taxes and genuine tax payers took the load. There are many who have lost their daily bread after government crack down. In fact there were legal liquor business in Bihar and Gujrat who have lost. Case in point is the STONE PELTERS in Kashmir. By this standard some will start advocating for these so called poor one day. Come on, give us a break.

What are they up to?

Left leaning people in media and other profession lend their support to all anti anti national activities. They never had air time and space in print media to talk about selective killing of HINDUS in Kerala, Kashmir, UP and West Bengal. They never had problem with Bharat tere tukde tukde….. They never tried to wait for Rohit V investigation. They will never wait for any damn thing on earth.

People like Aamir Khan who ran commercial series of Satyamev Jaytey never had the courage to talk about Triple Talaaq. None in media questioned him. It suited their narrative. Such people have no conscience. Few years back he labeled  Modi as murderer was quick to have Golden Tea with the PM. Modi is like Banyan Tree (now on i will keep reminding the News Traders).

Tundey Kebab or for that matter any non vegeterian dish is not the responsibility of the state or central government. Why MSM not talking about all illegal business owners to be put in jail. Why some NGO not going to Allahabad High Court and filing a petition to arrest all police officers to allow illegal business in their area in previous years.Pehley Aap is not new to Hindu culture as is made out to be the culture of Lucknow. Hindus have a tradition of greeting and showing respect to all. And even if Pehley Aap has to be adopted, I don’t mind. Why not Pehley Aap for the Law Abiding Citizens.

Pointing finger at the CM Adityanath is so easy. Compare the first day of Ex CMAkhilesh and CM Adityanath. The day started with two death in celebratory firing and stage collapsing due to well wishers going out of control.

On the contrary CM Adityanath asked his MLAs to exercise restraint while they celebrated victory.

RW are ruthless and will not take time to write off such intellectuals. It’s not a question of shifting loyalty but a question why few genuine journalists are respected. FoE is respected by the writer but to climb on wall, peep on other side and pass on a quick piece of advise and then say Oh I am just highlighting the issue is taken in good spirit with a smile. We are not fools sitting here. We read between the lines and internet content is always available to show mirror when time comes.

None, I repeat none in media or in opposition or even the sudden rise of respected journalists who had fearless flow of thoughts wrote about SLL in UP under Akhilesh. Case registered under IPC were the lowest just to paint rosy picture of law and order situation. Yogi Adityanath is here to stay and change the picture of UP in record time. Ones who hate BJP and Hindus may continue to bash consistently. This will only unite the Hindus. Winning seat is a political party responsibility. Come 2019 and results in UP would be better than 2014. Keep cribbing. I am loving it. If MSM is getting sleepless night then it’s their problem not the CM. Would be good for the news traders to go for a pre 2019 huddle and plan their dirty trick. :-))

Picture Credit: India TV


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