March 19, 2019

Zakir Naik – Indian Government Finally Wakes Up or Did they wait for Right Opportunity

Zakir Naik is banned in Malaysia, UK and Canada. It has not happened overnight. One can understand the leniency of the previous government at Centre and in Maharashtra. But for new government at centre and in state two years is too long a period to finally wake up. And that too after his name emerges in terrorist attack in Bangladesh.

This is not the first time his name has emerged. Najibullah Zazi (  Al Qaeda group accused of planning suicide bombings on the New York City Subway system) was also inspired by Naik.

Though he doesn’t have permission to hold public meetings in several states in India. His PEACE TV is available via cable and small capsules on You Tube. He has been on radar of Intelligence agencies for long. So what was the new regime waiting for?

Now a lot of action is seen. Venkaiah Naidu, Kiren Rijiju, Maheish Giri, CM of Maharashtra. Did the government wait for the right time to act?

Balancing act has to stop. Right from separatist leaders of kashmir to JNU and some people carrying themselves as activist. Government should go ahead with proactive approach and not bother with what media will paint a picture.

July 11 Zakir Naik is expected to return from Mecca. News channels have genuine subject to work on TRP’s.

Credit: Wiki for pic

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